WATCH: Trump Tries To Shake Poland First Lady’s Hand, She Walks Right By Him Instead


Everyone knows how much President Donald Trump respects women. Let’s just say it’s very little. That much is known around the world.

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When Trump arrived in Poland to visit with Polish leader Andrzej Duda he tried to shake his wife’s hand. Nice gesture, but that didn’t work out so well. Trump stretched out his hand to greet her and she simply walked right by him to shake First Lady Melania’s hand instead.

That in itself might not have been a big issue, but to Trump’s ego, it is. Just look at his face. His face says everything. You can tell that Trump felt dissed in this situation.

Maybe, Trump, had this one coming. Trump has been caught on video trying to hold Melania’s hand several times in public and she simply refused to. One time on the red carpet she slapped his hand away. Maybe the First Lady of Poland is catching on to this fact.

If Trump wants to earn the respect of powerful women around the world, he might have to show that he respects women more.

This might also be payback for that time he refused to shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Oval Office when a reporter asked him if he would. Merkel asked Trump if he would, and he simply ignored it.

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