WATCH: Trump Manhandles French First Lady In His Worst Handshake To Date (VIDEO)

In an attempt to escape the massive sh*tstorm that his son has just created in his Russian scandal, Donald Trump has left America and is currently visiting France. But if you thought that Trump might cause less trouble from a distance, his last two disastrous trips overseas should be proof enough that chaos, failure, and humiliation follow Trump wherever he goes.

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Today is no different.

While in France, one of Trump’s infamous, crippling handshakes were caught on camera, and this one will make you cringe. Trump met with the newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, French First Lady Brigitte Macron, and things got really, really weird.

When Trump and Macron first shook hands in Brussels some time ago, their handshake went viral. This time, Trump’s handshake is going viral again – because he pretty much manhandled Macron’s wife.

Watch below as France’s First Lady struggles with Trump yanking and pulling her arm, refusing to let go.

Absolutely shameful. Trump looks like he’s trying to pull her arm off in a pathetic quest for dominance. Trump’s body language is uncomfortably forceful, and there is just no excuse for why another human being needs to be so aggressive in a greeting.

Trump’s handshakes have become a viral sensation all in themselves, as America has watched several world leaders become victims – or victors – of Trump’s weird handshake fetish. It’s clear that Trump views the handshake as a way of establishing who the “alpha” in the room is, and this has lead to some very interesting footage. Here are just a few examples of what Trump has done to other world leaders:

Trump’s behavior in all of these interactions is anything but normal. However, what happened to France’s First Lady is disgraceful. This barely resembles a handshake, and looks more like Trump is carelessly playing tug-of-war with Brigitte Macron’s body. French President Macron has previously stated of his own handshake with Trump:

“My handshake with him, it’s not innocent. It’s not the alpha and omega of politics, but a moment of truth.”


I’m sure Macron can’t wait to shake Trump’s hand again after he sees what the POTUS did to his wife.

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