WATCH: Trump Insults Asian Allies With Racist Mockery And Threats During Tax Speech (VIDEO)

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump managed to prove that he’s an equal opportunity racist when he both mocked and threatened Asian allies of the U.S. during a speech promoting his party’s “tax reform” legislation.

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During the speech, Trump referenced his trip to Asia claiming that it was a “tremendous success.” But he soon complained about the resources the U.S. spends defending “wealthy” Asian countries who are not paying their fair share.

“I say why are we defending them? We love them. I won’t mention names. But there are a lot of them. We love them, they’re wealthy.”

“It’s going to change, folks. We’re going to defend them but they’re going to treat us fairly and they’re going to pay for their defense,” Trump continued. “Does that make sense?”

Trump then launched into a  pantomime routine when he mimicked an Asian world leader using several racist stereotypes. He began by stooping low, then narrowing his eyes.

“When I was in Asia, I spoke to a couple of the countries about it and they looked like this,” Trump said, imitating an Asian leader. “You know what this is? Hmm-hmm. That means they know they’re getting away with murder and they got to start helping us out. Okay?”

This wasn’t the first time Trump’s insulted an Asian ally. Earlier in November,  in an effort to pressure Japan into buying more U.S. military equipment, Trump mocked the Japanese referencing the fact that North Korea has so far fired two missiles over the U.S. Ally.

While insulting Japan, Trump also employed the most arrogant sales pitch ever spoken by a U.S. president to an ally.

“He [Abe] will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the United States,” Mr Trump said, referring to the North Korean missiles.

“The Prime Minister is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment, as he should.

“And we make the best military equipment by far.”

Trump continues his reckless and destructive behavior while furthering alienating allies and emboldening enemies. In other words, it’s just another day ending in “Y.”

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