WATCH: Trump Doesn’t Look Like He’s Paying Attention During Meeting With G-7 Leaders (VIDEO)


Okay, folks. Here is a story that should be upsetting to everyone, and for multiple reasons.

There’s a video of President Trump at the G-7 meeting not wearing dual headphones as Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is giving his speech. You can see the video pan across the board showing every other world leader with headphones on, but the video doesn’t appear to show Trump wearing any.

As soon as the footage went viral Press Secretary Sean Spicer attempted to explain that “POTUS wears a single ear piece for translation with his right ear” but that’s not entirely believable. In the past, Trump has been seen with a single right earpiece (this is correct) but the wire has always been shown. In this video, no wire is.

Here’s the video of him not appearing to be wearing an earpiece:

Now check out footage of Trump wearing a single earpiece in the past. There’s clearly a wire showing. How can the White House explain this discrepancy? Did Trump all of a sudden switch to a wireless earpiece? And, if so, how come every other world leader is using the same headpiece except him?

Now compare with this prior video of him clearly showing a wire:

Basically, Trump appears to not be listening to the translation. That’s what it looks like, at least. And, if true, that means Trump isn’t paying attention. That’s very disrespectful.



The other thing that should be mentioned is that the White House did not specifically say Trump was wearing a wireless headpiece. That would have cleared up the confusion. They could have – but they didn’t. That’s why this story is still credible.

And – here’s the point – other reports online show Trump wearing a right earpiece, but they all have a wire, too. All that proves is that he was wearing the earpiece for translation purposes – just not on this one occasion. And, that also lends more credence to the notion that he wouldn’t have switched to a wireless one all of sudden. Another reason the White House story doesn’t hold water in this one instance.




Either way, the optics aren’t good. And, as one observer noted, Trump appeared to be falling asleep in the meeting.

This isn’t the only time Trump wasn’t entirely paying attention on first foreign trip as president.

Another video shows him in walking away early from a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prematurely. Netanyahu just stood there bewildered as Trump just up and left, while an aide on the side had to tell him to go back over to him.

Debunkers of the story would like you to believe that the wire just isn’t showing. So, what’s your verdict? Do you believe the White House or is Trump simply not wearing a headpiece?

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