WATCH: Trump Creeps Out French First Lady By Ogling Her And Talking About Her Body With Her Husband

Donald Trump has absolutely zero self-control.

It’s a good thing that Melania was there for Brigitte Macron to lean on or Trump might have been even creepier.

Nevertheless, Trump’s visit to Paris to celebrate Bastille Day with newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron still embarrassed the United States and became an instant example of how male leaders should NOT act when they meet the wives of other world leaders.

Earlier in the day, Trump greeted France’s new First Lady by going in for kisses even though she apparently only wanted a handshake. When Trump did take her hand, it was weirdly aggressive.

And Trump got really sleazy later on while the two couples were standing together talking.

As Brigitte Macron remained close to Melania, Trump looked over her body from head to toe before remarking on how “in good shape” she is, and then he turned to Macron to tell him all about it. You can see Mrs. Macron literally clutch Melania as Trump’s remarks get more uncomfortable.

Here’s the video via Twitter.

This is not the way presidents should act. Rather than act like an adult, Trump acted like a horny teenage boy who has no idea how to act around women.

Trump treated Brigitte Macron like a piece of meat. He ogled her and then proceeded to creep her out even more by telling her husband all about it.

Trump’s behavior around women in unpresidential and should be condemned. It’s no wonder that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda initially snubbed Trump’s extended hand in favor of Melania’s earlier this month.

And Brigitte Macron is not the first foreign lady to deal with Trump’s creepiness. Irish reporter Caitriona Perry had to deal with being singled out and ogled by Trump in the Oval Office during a phone call with Ireland’s new prime minister. Perry avoided getting too close to Trump, especially since he has bragged about grabbing women by their genitals without their consent. Perry also called the incident “bizarre.”

This latest incident involving Brigitte Macron is certainly also bizarre, but it’s the kind of inappropriate behavior Trump should have avoided by simply not acting like a caveman for once.

Featured image via screen capture

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