WATCH: Stephen Colbert Gives Trump The Apology He Demanded, And It’s PERFECT

Donald Trump demanded an apology, so Stephen Colbert gave him one.

On Monday, Trump took to Twitter and threw a temper tantrum in which he accused President Obama of treason. Trump also had the gall to demand an apology for being investigated for obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia during the 2016 Election.


The reason President Obama did not act immediately to stop Russia is because he was prevented from doing so by Trump himself. In the run-up to Election Day, Trump repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged. Had President Obama interfered, Trump would have accused him of rigging the election for Hillary Clinton.

Trump was mercilessly mocked for his tweets, but the knockout blow was hilariously delivered by Colbert on Monday night.

First, Colbert mocked Trump for referring to himself as “T” in his tweets.

Who the hell is ‘T?’ You know there’s already a letter for when you’re talking about yourself. It’s ‘I’ as in ‘I don’t believe anyone calls you ‘T!’ You can’t give yourself a nickname!”

Colbert then pointed out that the only one accusing President Obama of treason is Trump.

Hold on. Nobody is accusing Obama of colluding or obstructing. That’s your deal.”

Indeed, Trump is apparently so desperate to escape the Russia investigation that he is now trying to blame his crimes on Obama.

But Colbert wasn’t finished. He decided to give Trump the apology he demanded.

I’m a big enough man to apologize. And I believe I speak for the majority of Americans when I say this: I’m sorry you’re president.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Trump just got burned. This is the only apology he deserved.

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