Watch Sean Spicer Seriously Argue That Trump’s Muslim Ban Would Have Stopped Timothy McVeigh (VIDEO)

Press Secretary Sean Spicer just dumped a whole barrel of gasoline on the raging debate over whether he is an unrepentant liar or downright moron. The smart money now says he’s probably both.

Closing out his first full week with Trump’s disastrous travel ban policy, Spicer was still demonstrating that neither he nor the administration has any clue what it’s doing. During his daily presser, Spicer was asked what, if anything, Trump was planning to do about domestic terrorists, the kind national security officials repeatedly point out is a much larger threat than foreign attackers. Spicer’s answer suggested he didn’t even understand the concept of a domestic terrorist.

Reporter: What is the president doing to make sure that… homegrown terrorism and homegrown violence doesn’t happen within our country?

Spicer: Well, there’s a lot of things. Number one, he’s talked cybersecurity. He’s looking at it from every angle. I think that the first thing is to make sure that we look at our borders. You’ve got to protect your own people first. Then you’ve got to look at the cyberthreats.

What the hell are you even talking about, Sean? Cybersecurity? Borders? These are “homegrown” terrorists we’re talking about. Forget locking the front door, the killer is already in the house, man.

The reporter decided that perhaps he wasn’t clear enough, so putting a finer point on it, he specifically cited the Oklahoma City Bombing, a terror act committed by Timothy McVeigh, a home-grown right-wing terrorist. Again, Spicer failed to rise to the occasion. Instead he delivered this buzzword-loaded word salad:

Using the assets that we have. The NSA. The FBI. Using the different agencies to see if we can get ahead of the curve and see things. And a lot of times that’s been a very big issue, is getting ahead of the curve for when there are tell-tale signs. Getting reporting systems up. Working with the various agencies. But it’s a multi-effort process.

The question was how is Trump addressing homegrown terror. Spicer just listed off a bunch of things America was already doing – only now Trump will be adding a Muslim ban and repeating the word “cyberthreat” over and over. Cool.

Meanwhile, Trump has announced that he will be changing the “Countering Violent Extremism” program to focus solely on Muslims, ignoring the growing number of right-wing terror groups cropping up in the country. While Trump frantically “secures” our borders, the next Timothy McVeigh is getting to work.

Watch the clip below via Think Progress

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