WATCH: Republican Senator Openly Admits Hypocrisy On Treating Trump’s Cabinet Picks Better Than Obama’s

Republicans are hypocrites and Democrats should make them pay the price for it.

In 2009, Senate Republicans insisted on a long confirmation process for President Obama’s cabinet nominations. The process included financial disclosures, releasing tax returns, background checks, and questionnaires. Mitch McConnell even demanded an ethics review of Obama’s nominees.

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According to ThinkProgress,

“McConnell wrote that his party’s duty to “conduct the appropriate review” of presidential nominations, “consistent with the long standing and best practices of committees, regardless of which party is in the majority,” was one it took seriously. “These best practices serve the Senate well,” he added, “and we will insist on their fair and consistent application.” The then-Senate Minority Leader called the financial disclosure process and other ethical steps essential “to fairly review a nominee’s record and to make an informed decision prior to a vote.”

For eight years, Senate Republicans made every effort to delay and outright obstruct President Obama’s nominees to federal office, even if Republicans had supported them previously. The biggest example of this is Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee whom Republicans praised in a previous confirmation hearing but obstructed for nearly a year until the nomination expired out of sheer hatred of Obama. Republicans also intensely scrutinized Chuck Hagel, a longtime Republican whom Obama picked as Secretary of Defense in 2013.

But Republicans now want to allow Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees to skip the in-depth and arduous process they demanded President Obama’s nominees go through in 2009. And it’s all because Donald Trump is not named Barack Obama. GOP Senator Jim Inhofe admitted this hypocrisy while answering questions asked by the Huffington Post on Monday.

When asked if Trump’s nominees should be required to disclose income from sources outside the United States, Inhofe said “no.” And when pressed, Inhofe spilled the beans so bad that his office rushed to spin his remarks by claiming that “we don’t believe there’s a double standard when it comes to President-elect Trump’s Cabinet picks.”

But Inhofe directly admitted that a double standard exists.

HUFFPOST: “So it’s different now because it’s Trump?”

INHOFE: “That’s just right.”

HUFFPOST: “That’s right?”

INHOFE: “Yeah.”

Here’s the audio via Huffington Post.

This is outright hypocrisy by Republicans and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Republicans cannot have different rules for Democrats and themselves. And Democrats should obstruct them at every turn because that’s the way Republicans treated President Obama for eight years. Turnabout is fair play, and if any cabinet picks need strict scrutiny, it’s Trump’s and we cannot afford to allow his corruption to infect every department of the government.

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