WATCH: Ravens Booed For Kneeling During Pre-Anthem PRAYER Before The Game

On Sunday, Baltimore Ravens players kneeled before the national anthem and prayed for “unity, kindness, and justice for all Americans.” That was obviously too much for attendees in the stands as the Ravens’ PA announcer asked the fans to join them in prayer. Instead of participating, fans booed the players as they took a knee before the game, according to reports. Donald Trump has encouraged this behavior by using divisive rhetoric toward black athletes who choose to kneel instead of standing during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality and police misconduct. In this case, both teams stood for the anthem but the Ravens were booed.


The team players were praying. I thought this was about respect for the flag?

Last weekend, Trump went on a tweetstorm to call for NFL owners to fire players who do not stand during the national anthem then went on to urge the NFL to implement a rule banning players from kneeling.

While stumping for Luther Strange in Alabama, Trump called black athletes who don’t stand during the anthem “sons of bitches.” The attendees of the rally in the deep red state cheered Trump on after he blew that dog whistle as loud as he could.

Just this morning, Trump retweeted an alleged woman who wrote, “When you kneel for our #NationalAnthem, you aren’t protesting a specific issue, you are protesting our Nation and EVERYTHING it stands for!!”

And then the Ravens knelt to pray before standing during the anthem and they were still booed.

Image via screen capture. 

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