WATCH: Polish First Lady HUMILIATES Trump, Brushes Him Aside To Shake Melania’s Hand

The Polish First Lady wanted nothing to do with Donald “grab ’em by the p*ssy” Trump.

If Trump thought everyone in Poland would be happy to see him just because the Polish government brought in groups of people to cheer for him, the reaction he received from the Polish First Lady made it perfectly clear that he is loathed.

After Trump embarrassed himself and America by insulting Poland’s struggle during World War II, attacked President Obama, and smeared the American press and our intelligence community, Trump shook hands with President Andrzej Duda. But when he attempted to shake hands with Duda’s wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda, she ignored him and shook Melania Trump’s hand instead.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

The look on Trump’s face is absolutely priceless. You can tell that he is deeply annoyed and that his ego just took a severe bruising.

But the Polish First Lady isn’t the first woman to refuse the touch of Trump’s hand.

Melania Trump actually slapped his hand away when he attempted to hold hers during his trip to Israel last month.

Here’s the video of that moment via YouTube.

This definitely would not have happened if President Obama were still in charge. You see, world leaders and their spouses actually respected American leadership when he was in office. But Trump has made American leadership a laughingstock around the globe and it only gets worse every time Trump goes overseas.

But he can’t even avoid international embarrassment while sitting in the Oval Office. Last month, while calling to congratulate the new Irish Prime Minister, Trump called over a female Irish journalist to his desk to flirt with her and ogle her, an incident the young woman later referred to as “bizarre.” Caitriona Perry made sure she stood out of arms reach as she approached Trump and then got away from him as quick as possible.

Here’s that video as well.

This perfectly demonstrated that even women in other countries find Trump disgusting.

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