WATCH: Paul Ryan Goes ALL IN On Trump’s Insane Racism, Issues Full-Throated Endorsement Of A Border Wall

Donald Trump issued a lot of insane – and often illegal – proposals on the campaign trail as he ran for president. Many of these proposals and statements were often rebuked by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). However, it seems that now that Trump is in the White House, Paul Ryan has no issue with Trump’s racism, and nor does he have any issue with any of his insane proposals. One of Trump’s crazier whims eventually became a rather prevalent plank of the campaign: That America would erect a wall along the United States – Mexico border, and that Mexico would pay for it.

Now, while every sane person, regardless of political leanings, rejected this idea as racist, anti-immigrant, and crazy during the campaign, it now seems that House Speaker Paul Ryan now views Trump’s border wall as a perfectly plausible solution to the “open borders” question (remember, this is just GOP code for “no immigrants wanted here). Speaker Ryan went down to the border recently and declared, as a caption of himself on the border:

RT if you agree. It is time for the wall.”

He went on to say:

When you see what they’re up against, it really gives you even greater respect for what they do. They clearly need more tools and more “support to do their jobs effectively.”

This craziness is even on Speaker Ryan’s official website, where he has titled this despicable, racist task:

The Wall: Let’s Get it Done.”

The blog post Ryan features this video in also says:

It’s time for The Wall. That’s why the House voted to fully fund the Trump administration’s request to build it.”

Paul Ryan, largely seen as a moderating voice who only grudgingly accepted Trump as first the GOP nominee and then the GOP president, has gone full on into Trumpism. He wants all of it – the Muslim ban, the wall, the racism, the homophobia, the isolationism, the xenophobia – all of it. This shows the true character of the Republican Party. They are a racist institution at their core, and with Trump the White House, they no longer have any reason to hide it.

Look at what Paul Ryan – the man who is third in line to be president – tweeted on this issue below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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