WATCH: Only 30 Trump Supporters Show Up To Pathetic Anti-Fake News Rally Outside CNN

Clearly, Donald Trump is only one of a handful of people who believe the news is fake.

In response to Trump’s call to fight back against what he considers “fake news,” a Trump supporter planned a rally in Atlanta on Saturday outside CNN headquarters.

As we all know, CNN is one of Trump’s top targets whenever he whines on Twitter about “fake news.”

Trump thinks that CNN should kiss his ass and be a state propaganda machine like Fox News, so Trump’s supporters decided to protest. Only just like Trump’s crowd size, the numbers of protesters was pretty damn pathetic.

As it turns out, only 30 people showed to protest CNN, including organizer Melanie Morgan, who must be feeling stupid for thinking that most people believe what Trump says about the media.

“We’re here to tell CNN no more fake news,” Morgan told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “They have to know people who are here expect fairness in journalism.”

In fact, most Americans trust CNN more than they trust Donald Trump. A recent poll by Survey Monkey found that 50 percent of Americans trust CNN more than they trust Trump. Only 44 percent said the opposite.

Furthermore, most Americans also trust the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC, CBS, and ABC more than they trust Donald Trump.

That victory for reason and facts across the board makes Trump and his supporters total losers, but reality didn’t stop these 30 morons from holding up dumb signs that said things like “Beware fake news” and “CNN: Criminal News Network.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

The irony here is that Donald Trump and his team are the only ones who have committed actual crimes and have told real lies. After all, Trump’s campaign did collude with the Russians during the 2016 Election, an act that is illegal.

If this rally demonstrated anything it’s that Trump does not have as much support as he thinks he does. He is pandering to a conservatives base that is shrinking and more and more of them wake up to see Trump for the fraud he is every day.

Featured Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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