WATCH: Legendary Watergate Reporter SLAMS Trump For Living In A ‘Fact-Free Universe’

A right-wing pundit tried to defend Donald Trump for ignoring evidence that Russia hacked our political process but the man who busted Nixon during Watergate was there to shut her down.

As we all should know by now, the CIA and 17 other intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. But Trump refuses to acknowledge the facts and insists that Russia and Vladimir Putin are innocent.

But it’s rare to see the various intelligence agencies agree on something like this, so Trump should not be ignoring what the are telling him.

Earlier this week, Lindsey Graham and John McCain called for an investigation to confirm the conclusion and Carl Bernstein agrees.

During an appearance on CNN, Bernstein called for a select committee investigation, such as the one put together to investigate the Watergate scandal, to not only investigate the hack, but to also investigate Trump’s ties to Russia because it looks like there is something incredibly fishy going on.

Kayleigh McEnany, however, once again questioned the assessment of our intelligence community by claiming that the FBI wasn’t on board initially. But that has changed and the FBI agrees with the CIA. McEnany insisted that Trump takes this seriously by pointing out that he has remained silent on the issue since December 16th. But Trump once again criticized the assessment on New Year’s Eve by claiming that he knows more about hacking than the experts.

Carl Bernstein then chimed in again by slamming Trump’s refusal to acknowledge facts.

“There’s one other consistency here with Trump and that is his disdain for fact and his contempt for fact and not listening to fact or being open to fact,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein said he hopes Trump will change his mind after seeing the evidence the intelligence community has gathered but doubted Trump will do so because he lives in a “fact-free universe” where he “floats with weightlessness.”

Bernstein once again said that it’s “impossible” to look at the evidence with also looking at Trump’s connections to Russia.

McEnany interrupted to claim that the FBI has already looked at Trump’s relationship with Russia, although they did so pathetically compared to their obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails, and bragged that the investigation went nowhere.

Bernstein quickly put McEnany in her place by clarifying that he’s not talking about a criminal investigation, he simply wants Congress to do a thorough investigation to assess how his connections factor in to his defense of Russia.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

We need to listen when the man who broke the Watergate scandal wide open says we need a more thorough investigation of Donald Trump.

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