WATCH: Jon Stewart Lets U.S. Soldiers Know What They’ll Be Busy Doing Under A Trump Presidency

If there’s one thing that former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is good at doing, it’s being brutally honest. That among a million other things, but over the years, if we wanted honest commentary on the day’s news, we knew we could always rely on Stewart to not sugarcoat it. Sure, he’d deliver it in a whimsical and hilarious fashion, but it was still direct and to the point.

Well, this past Thursday was no exception when he made a remark as he was introducing Vice President Joe Biden. Stewart joked that Biden will often say ridiculous things that sound crazy, but then followed that remark by saying:

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Who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination? So, um… (laughter) Don’t worry, Trump’s gonna keep you busy when he’s the Commander-in-Chief. (audible gasps) You’re gonna have to paint all the planes with “Trump” in big gold letters. You’re gonna be busy.

Unfortunately, our troops likely would be very busy as we listen to the tone and tenor of Donald Trump’s rhetoric surrounding foreign policy and diplomacy, or rather lack there of. Trump has even said that he’s open to things worse than waterboarding and isn’t opposed to the idea of dropping a nuclear bomb… even in Europe.

As much as it was a joke that Stewart implied in his comments, and he smoothly transitioned it into implying that they’d be painting “Trump” in gold letters on all the planes, what he said wasn’t without merit and legitimacy. Donald Trump isn’t only a bad choice for the nation, but a terrifying choice for the entire world and the safety and well-being of those who volunteer to keep us safe. People who need to trust that they will only be needed if need be.

Good on Stewart for not sugarcoating anything. He’s still greatly missed by many who adored him on The Daily Show every evening.

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