WATCH: Joe Scarborough Absolutely TORCHES Trump And His Team Of ‘Raging Hypocrites’

The Morning Joe host went off on Donald Trump and his White House team on Wednesday morning and you can bet that Trump will be furious about it.

On Tuesday, Trump deputy White House propagandist Sarah Huckabee Sanders threw a hissy fit during a briefing and attacked the media for publishing damaging stories about Trump.

You know, because Trump expects the media to say and write nothing but good things about him like state media Fox News does.

Sanders’ tirade drew a sharp rebuke from Playboy correspondent Brian Karem, who proceeded to smack her down for trying to bully the media.

“We are bullied and browbeaten every day, and I pretty much have had enough of it,” Karem told Scarborough after being asked about the confrontation. “There’s really only two ways to deal with a bully — turn them into your friend -I don’t think that’s a possibility- or let them know exactly what’s up, and you’re not going to take the bullying anymore. We can’t take the bullying anymore. It’s undermining the Fourth Estate, it’s undermining the First Amendment.”

Scarborough also had strong words for Sanders and Trump.

“The greatest irony is, this lecture is coming from the greatest liar that’s ever sat in the White House,” Scarborough said. “The New York Times highlighted a thousand lies. I mean, to compare Nixon to this guy is absolutely ridiculous. He lies every day — a lot of times he lies every minute. He forgets the lie that he told five minutes ago.”

This was, perhaps, the most scathing diatribe Scarborough has launched against Trump. And it’s likely that Trump puppet Sean Hannity will attack Scarborough for it later.

But Scarborough wasn’t done. He also called out Trump and his team for being hypocrites.

What’s also so funny is the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Donald Trump will talk about unnamed sources and stories, this White House will call every second that you will take their calls and they will give you a story, but it has to be an unnamed source. They have to be off the record, and a lot of times they will call you just to trash other people that are working inside the White House, or they’ll say, ‘Hey, if you can get this out there, but you can’t attach my name to it.’ I mean, what raging hypocrites they all are to complain about unnamed sources when they throw more unnamed sourced stories out than any White House I’ve ever dealt with.”

Indeed, Trump’s team often snipe at each other in an effort to gain more power inside the White House.

Scarborough concluded by pointing out that Trump will end up betraying the members of his administration after his term comes to an end and that they will have a hard time finding jobs when all is said and done.

Here’s the video via VidMe.

Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the media is an attack on democracy and the Constitution. It’s the kind of behavior that is usually found in dictatorships and it shouldn’t be tolerated in this country.

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