WATCH: Jake Tapper RAINS HELL Upon Trump Adviser For Not Condemning White Nationalists

Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Adviser got his ass handed to him on Sunday.

Tom Bossert appeared on CNN for an interview with Jake Tapper about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. And it did not go well for him.

Tapper slammed Donald Trump for not going far enough in his response, rightfully pointing out that Trump should have specifically condemned the white supremacists for attacking counter-protesters.

“He believes that all Americans should have a conversation and an open debate on this matter,” Bossert said. “This violence cannot stand. He made that clear yesterday.”

But Trump refused to call out the white supremacists for starting the violence in the first place, instead blaming both sides, which has led many white nationalists to believe that Trump stands behind them and their actions. One such action killed three people after a white nationalist plowed his vehicle into protesters.

Bossert, however, continued by claiming that not everyone at the white supremacy rally is a racist.

“I’m sure there were good people that had various opinions on the maintenance or the removal of the statue,” Bossert said in reference to the white supremacists protesting the removal of a Confederate statue in the city. “But what they found when they showed up were groups showed up from both sides looking for trouble, dressed in riot gear, prepared for violence.”

So, once again, Trump just doubled down on blaming both sides instead of putting the blame where it belongs. On his own supporters.

And that’s when Tapper pounced and humiliated Bossert with a single question.

“How many people did the counter-protesters kill yesterday, Mr. Bossert?” Tapper asked.

Indeed, the counter-protesters have not killed anyone.

The question struck a nerve in Bossert, who proceeded to whine.

“Hold on, Jake!” Bossert complained. “I don’t for one moment and I won’t allow you for one second to put me in a position of being an apologist for somebody who is now a charged murderer.”

But that’s exactly what Bossert is. By not explicitly condemning white supremacists and suggesting that the counter-protesters are somehow to blame for the killings and violence, Trump and Bossert are being apologists for domestic terrorists.

And Jake Tapper threw the book at him.

You just decried both sides. Here we have a situation, Mr. Bossert, where neo-nazis, the Klan, Alt-Right and others went to Charlottesville, Virginia chanting antisemitic, anti-African-American and other racist slogans, provoking the people of Charlottesville, Virginia, making them feel intimidated. Yes, violence did break out. But one person was killed by one of these Alt-Right-Klan-Nazi protesters. And you just decried both sides! This is the issue.”

Bossert pathetically resorted to claiming that the media was distorting what he said.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

It’s time for Donald Trump to man-up and call out his own supporters. Not doing so makes him look weak and only emboldens these right-wing terrorists to continue terrorizing the nation.

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