WATCH: Jake Tapper And Anderson Cooper Go NUCLEAR On Trump For Golf Hypocrisy

Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper had zero f*cks to give on Friday after the White House announced that Donald Trump would be taking a 17-day golfing vacation this month.

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So far, Trump is on pace to play golf and go on vacation far more than President Obama ever did, not to mention spend more taxpayer dollars on those trips.

For years, Trump whined every time President Obama hit the golf course for a break from the stresses of being president and even promised during the campaign that he would not go on vacation or play golf.

In the first six months of his presidency, Obama only played golf a total of 11 times. Trump, on the other hand, has already played at least 21 times, and he has spent well over 30 days at his golf resorts.

Now Trump is going to spend more than two weeks at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort. And Jake Tapper shredded him for his hypocrisy.

“Two weeks and three days — that’s how long President Trump will be gone from Washington on his first official vacation since taking office,” Tapper said. “That’s twice as long as President Obama’s first official vacation.”

Indeed, CNN correspondent Jason Carroll backed that fact up, pointing out that, “President Trump to-date has spent some 41 days away from the White House, whether it be at Bedminster or Mar-a-Lago. Compare that to President Obama, who spent 21 days in places like Chicago or Camp David.”

It should also be pointed out that President Obama actually accomplished things in his first six months while Trump has yet to sign a single piece a major legislation and is being investigated for collusion with Russia. Trump’s White House is steeped in chaos and our reputation around the globe is suffering. North Korea is an increasing threat and Russia is still a threat to our democratic institutions.

Tapper continued by pulling up Trump’s tweets about Obama golfing or going on vacation

So let’s cue the game we play called ‘is there a tweet for it’ — is there something in the @realDonaldTrump tweet archives in which he’s slamming an opponent for the exact same thing he’s doing now. There’s not just one tweet, today we found sixteen of them.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Jake Tapper wasn’t the only CNN host who nailed Trump’s hypocrisy.

Anderson Cooper explained that presidents are allowed to go on vacations. But Donald Trump’s vacations are different because he repeatedly criticized President Obama very time he took a day off.

CNN even trolled Trump with a chyron at the bottom of the screen reading, “Vacation critic takes time off” to drive the point home.

Here’s the video via YouTube. Cooper’s remarks about Trump’s vacation begin at the 18 minute mark.

As I recall, Republicans bitched constantly whenever President Obama played a round of golf or went on vacation. Yet, they haven’t said a single word about Trump golfing and vacationing, demonstrating once and for all that they are hypocrites.

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