WATCH: Fox & Friends Makes Trump Look Like A Fool, Admits They Lied About Comey Leaking ‘Top Secret’ Info


On Monday morning, Trump watched Fox & Friends and tweeted out a report the program did on James Comey accusing him of leaking “top secret” information with his memos. Trump praised the original report and used it to smear the former FBI Director. Now he is staying silent rather than admit his propaganda machine got it wrong.

Comey leaked the memos just in case he was ever fired by Trump in an effort to sabotage the Russia investigation. That came to pass earlier this year, although Trump’s effort to kill the investigation backfired.

After watching the Fox & Friends report, Trump shared it on Twitter and accused Comey of leaking “top secret” information.

Kellyanne Conway even complained that CNN wasn’t running with the story while she was being shredded on the network for lying about the meetings Trump campaign officials had with the Russians.

But CNN knew the story was full of holes, which is why they chose not to run with it. And it turns out that the story was fake news.

On Tuesday morning, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy issued a correction.

“Yesterday on this program we aired and tweeted this story saying former FBI Director James Comey leaked memos containing top secret information. We were mistaken in that. According to the report, half of the memos contain information classified at the secret or confidential level, not top-secret. Markings of the government documents in which Mr. Comey leaked are, at this point, unclear. Just wanted to straighten that out.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

It has been hours since Fox & Friends issued the correction, yet Trump still has not acknowledged that he was wrong, nor has he apologized to Comey. Trump is apparently either pretending that Fox & Friends did not push fake news, or he has been humiliated into remaining silent.

Either way, Trump made a total fool of himself by believing Fox & Friends in the first place.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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