WATCH: Flynn Does Walk Of Shame From Courthouse As Hecklers Troll Him With ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants

On Friday, Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn started his weekend by pleading guilty to one count of lying to the FBI regarding its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. It’s even being reported that Flynn plans to “cooperate” with investigators and turn rat against his former boss.

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In fact, many speculate that Flynn’s testimony could directly implicate Trump as he could testify that the then-candidate directed him to make contact with Russia during the presidential campaign or sometime during the transition period.

After formally pleading guilty, Flynn released the following statement:

“My guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with the special council’s office reflect a decision I made in the best interest of my family and my country.”

Gee, wasn’t that awfully big of him? He’s looking out for the “best interest” of his family and his country! Wow, Flynn must sincerely believe that he shits red, white, and blue and can commune with bald eagles.

In the video, as Flynn makes his way from the courthouse to a car caravan, hecklers begin chanting a modified version of the “Lock Her Up” chant that Flynn once led during a Trump rally. Remember this scene from the Republican National Convention last year?

During Flynn’s embarrassingly hasty departure from the courthouse, hecklers started pelting the disgraced former national security advisor with chants of “Lock Him Up” as he fled away to ponder his fate. Another voice can be heard wailing mockingly “Michael…”

Flynn once said concerning Hillary Clinton, “If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today.”

Well, the bad news for Flynn is that Clinton never lied to the FBI so according to his logic, his chance of going to jail is 1o times more likely.

So yes, expect Trump to talk about Flynn as though he barely knew the guy and how he fired him because he didn’t trust him.

And while Trump continues to sputter out of control, Special Counsel Robert Mueller gently smiles while quietly sharpening yet another pencil.

Good times, good times.

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