WATCH: Eric Trump Throws A Hissy Fit About The Clintons On Fox News

Donald Trump’s pampered little brat threw a temper tantrum on Wednesday because his daddy is being investigated for colluding with Russia.

Oh, and because nobody gives a shit about Hillary’s emails anymore.

During an appearance on his daddy’s favorite propaganda program Fox & Friends, Eric Trump whined about Hillary Clinton not being investigated even though she went through an investigation during the 2016 campaign and was cleared of any wrongdoing. The little Trump boy also thinks it’s totally unfair that his father is being investigated while the Clintons are not.

“It’s disheartening, at least for me, to watch the pile-on to him with nonsense Russia investigations,” Trump complained. “There’s nothing there. We’ve said that a million times. Everybody said that. I mean, it is the greatest witch hunt of all time.”

Except that there is most definitely something there. After all, Donald Trump Jr’s email agreeing to meet with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton is clear evidence that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

“But then you see the crimes that other people get away with,” Trump continued. “You look at Loretta Lynch, she hasn’t even been subpoenaed. How has Loretta Lynch not been subpoenaed? Where is she? Where are all these enraged senators?”

No charges have been leveled against Lynch by federal authorities, but the Senate is launching a “probe” of her actions during the election.

But that wasn’t the end of Eric Trump’s hissy fit.

“Why has nobody investigated Uranium One?” he demanded. “What about the crimes perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation? And the millions given to Saudi Arabia and everything else? When are people going to start going after that? Aside from the leakers and everything else. It seems like this is a one-way pile on. And I think that’s my father’s frustration. Where is the other side when there are legitimate crimes over there that everybody has proof about?”

Of course, there really isn’t much proof at all to back up what Eric Trump is claiming. For instance, the Uranium One allegation has been debunked by Snopes. Clinton never had the power to veto or approve the sale of the uranium. The uranium was sold to Russia, but it still remains in United States custody. And the timing of donations that Trump alleges were rewards for Hillary’s help do not match up.

Also, Hillary Clinton is NOT the president. If she were, you can bet Republicans would have immediately begun running investigation after investigation and would probably even be attempting to impeach her.

Trump, meanwhile, is under investigation because evidence of Russia collusion continues to mount despite Eric Trump’s claim that there is no proof.

There is nothing there. But you do have proof that Bill Clinton was on an airplane with Loretta Lynch while they were investigating his wife. What action are you going to take there? It can’t be a one-way street.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

So, Bill Clinton getting on a plane is his “proof” that crimes were committed? Wow. That’s pathetic.

Meanwhile, we have solid proof from Trump Jr. himself that he joined Jared Kushner and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort at a meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer to get damaging info on Hillary Clinton. The transcripts are clear that the info came directly from the Russian government through a Trump family friend who also happens to be a Russian oligarch who is close to Vladimir Putin.

In addition, a former Soviet intelligence officer was present at the meeting, which took place inside Trump Tower days before Trump began attacking Clinton over her emails and started urging the Russians to keep attacking her and the DNC.

Donald Trump has also repeatedly lied about his and his campaign’s contact with Russians during the election, with many meetings with Russian officials being left off disclosure forms.

Why all the lies if Trump and his team did nothing wrong?

Eric Trump is nothing more than a whiny little baby who would have been better off keeping his mouth shut instead of playing the victim card on his father’s behalf. When it’s all said and done, Eric Trump will likely join his criminal daddy in prison and then he’ll have something to really cry about.

Featured image via video screen capture

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