WATCH: Desperate Hannity Accuses Media And Democrats Of Collusion As Evidence Mounts Against Trump

Sean Hannity, Austan Goolsbee

Sean Hannity, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s personal ass-kisser went on a desperate tirade on Fox News Friday night.

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So desperate, in fact, that he actually accused Democrats and the media of collusion against Trump, even though the evidence showing that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 Election continues to get stronger every day.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr. released an email chain in which he agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer who offered to give dirt on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign. The emails specifically mentioned that the intelligence comes from the Russian government. One of the Russians mentioned in the emails is Aras Agalarov, an oligarch who is close to Putin and Trump.

Furthermore, the meeting was attended by a former Soviet intelligence officer. This particular bit of damning information dropped after Trump Jr. told Hannity that his emails contained “everything” about his meetings with Russians. In short, Trump Jr. lied to Hannity’s face. It’s either that, or Hannity was in on the lie the whole time in order to help Trump’s little brat.

On Friday, Hannity continued defending Trump’s corrupt administration by accusing the media of colluding with Democrats to take Trump down.

“The Democrats [and] the destroy-Trump media have for months breathlessly, hysterically been feigning moral outrage and pushing those black helicopter tin foil hat conspiracy theories about collusion, when in fact they are now the ones––they have been colluding the entire time, all in an effort to damage, to delegitimize, and ultimately overturn an election of you the American people and destroy the president,” Hannity whined.

No, Sean. Democrats and the media are not “colluding” to “destroy” Trump. Trump and his family are doing just fine destroying themselves.

But Hannity also whined about Hillary Clinton and claimed that she committed crimes the media is ignoring.

“Clinton was given a free pass by the media despite a mountain of evidence of felonies, crimes, wrongdoing, inexcusable behavior, and it’s why now the media refuses to even cover massive scandals that you, the American people, need to know about.”

Except that the media did report on Hillary’s emails, which turned out to be a “nothing burger.” Also, Hillary Clinton is not president so it no longer matters. The only reason conservatives like Hannity bring up Hillary Clinton is to distract from Trump’s behavior and the Russia investigation.

Here’s the video of Hannity’s hissy fit via Fox News.

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If President Obama’s daughter had met with Russians to get dirt on Mitt Romney during the 2012 Election, you can bet that Hannity would have screamed about collusion from the rooftops. He would have demanded immediate investigations and impeachment. He would have demanded prison time.

But Hannity is desperate to keep Trump in power at all costs, even if it means helping him cover up his crimes. At this point, Hannity is just as much a traitor to this country as Trump is. Both are in the pockets of Russian oligarchs who are loyal to Putin. It’s time for Fox News to fire Hannity. This kind of propaganda should not be tolerated.

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