WATCH: David Gergen BURIES Trump For Surrendering American Leadership On The World Stage

American leadership in the world is decaying because of Donald Trump, and former Republican White House staffer David Gergen took him to the woodshed for it.

So far, Trump’s latest trip overseas has been another embarrassment for the United States.

Trump’s speech in Poland was full of white supremacist rhetoric and included an insult to the Polish people by downplaying their suffering during World War II. Trump also stabbed our intelligence community in the back and attacked President Obama.

And then Trump went to Hamburg to attend the G-20, where he spent hours kissing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s ass and actually fell asleep during the Summit meeting on the first day. Trump also lashed out at the media and claimed that everyone at the G-20 was talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which was a total lie. As it turns out, Trump was the only one who brought it up.

All of this comes after Trump withdrew the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, drawing outrage across the country and around the globe.

And this is before Trump allowed his daughter Ivanka to sit in at the G-20 Summit for him on the second day, abandoning his presidential obligations in the process.

On CNN, former White House Communications Director David Gergen, who served in the, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton administrations, was horrified by Trump’s loss of standing at the G-20.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a President come to a G-20 meeting in which he’s no longer regarded as the leader, no longer regarded as the world leader,” Gergen said. “And Europe is going its own separate way. Japan just signed this big trade agreement with Europe. That is troubling.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Trump has severely weakened American leadership on the world stage and that is a tragedy that the American people should not accept. The constant embarrassment and weakness Trump has displayed every single time he travels abroad has turned our country into an international laughingstock. And that alone should get him impeached.

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