WATCH: Conservatives Terrorize 12-Year-Old Rape Victim For Deciding On Her Own To Get An Abortion

Conservatives are making a 12-year-old girl a target for ridicule in retaliation for making her own decision to have an abortion after she was raped.

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The girl lived with her mother, stepfather, and an uncle before she and her sibling were removed from the home earlier this year. The girl had been raped by a male relative and she feared how her mother would deal with being informed of the rape and resulting pregnancy.

So, she chose to seek a waiver from the courts exempting her from the draconian parental consent law that Alabama Republicans passed in order to force teen girls into carrying unwanted pregnancies to term.

The court ruled in her favor, as did the appeals court. And now two enraged conservative adults are openly attacking the girl and trying to scare her into submitting to their will.

After the girl succeeded in court, former Administrative Office of Courts legal director Win Johnson whined because the judge didn’t try to shame her or scare her in open court to force her into making a different decision.

“(The ruling said the victim) was mature enough — and I’m going to put this in its starkest terms — to decide to murder her own child in her womb,” Johnson told reporters. “Now, nobody has said that to her, I bet you, in any of her counseling. Nobody has explained that to her in its starkest, rawest form, like that. But what if it was, what if she really thought through it, even as a 12-year-old and said, ‘Gosh, I don’t want that on my conscience.’”

Abortion is legal in the United States and is protected by the Constitution. Furthermore, she made the decision on her own and is fully aware of what an abortion means. It should also be pointed out that abortion is not classified as murder in any state or federal law, nor should it be.

Johnson was aided in shaming and scaring the girl by COPE Pregnancy Center executive director Lorie Mullins.

“The one thing that I can tell you is that it is not an easy decision, but I’ve never had a woman come back and say her life was better,” Mullins said. “There is no good choice in this matter. What I can say is that this girl’s life will not be better after an abortion no matter what happens.”

In fact, a major study shows that an overwhelming 95 percent of women who have had an abortion do NOT regret making the decision. That means Mullins’ claim that abortion makes women’s lives miserable is false, not to mention incredibly misleading.

Mullins didn’t stop there, however. She continued vilifying the girl and questioning her decision-making skills.

She probably has trouble deciding what shirt to wear to school,” Mullins said. “The courts, the law has decided that she’s not old enough, wise enough and mature enough to make her own decision about whether or not she wants to drink, to buy a pack of cigarettes to drive a car. I don’t know what the perfect answer is, but I know this is not it. If I could actually speak to this child, the only thing I could say to her is you’ve been robbed of your childhood. Don’t rob yourself of your future.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

And this is why Mullins is not allowed to speak to the girl because she would bully her into making the decision Mullins wants her to make. That’s what right-wing backed “pregnancy centers” like COPE are all about. So-called “counselors” at these facilities are strictly anti-abortion and aim to scare women into carrying pregnancies to term by giving out false information such as the claim that abortion causes breast cancer.

You can now bet that conservative anti-abortion fanatics are going to hunt down this poor girl and terrorize her for making her own decision about her own body. Choosing to have an abortion is her way of taking back her childhood and keeping her future secure because she will not have to deal with a nine-month pregnancy that will likely harm her body. It also allows her to get an education so she can get as far away from the backward state of Alabama as she possibly can.

It wasn’t enough for Johnson and Mullins to just accept defeat and move on. They chose to publicly shame and scare the girl. This girl was just traumatized by being raped by someone she should have been able to trust. The last thing she needs is to be bullied by a bunch of hateful strangers who know nothing about her.

And she certainly should not have her right to choose taken away from her.

There is a special place in hell for monsters like Johnson and Mullins. A 12-year-old girl should not be forced to carry a pregnancy to term. And they certainly should not be put through the trauma of having to carry their rapist’s baby for nine months and risk their own health and lives just because a bunch of religious zealots demands it.

Mullins and Johnson should be ashamed of themselves, and they owe this girl a public apology.

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