WATCH: Conservative ‘Christian’ Pat Robertson Defends Fox News Perverts And Books A Room In Hell

Pat Robertson is going to hell and he guaranteed it on Monday by defending all the sexual predators at Fox News.

As we all know, Fox News has been dealing with sexual harassment lawsuits and allegations for years now. We know for a fact that Roger Ailes sexually harassed many female hosts at the network, most notably Gretchen Carlson, who slapped Ailes and Fox with a lawsuit that led to Ailes’ resignation and a settlement.

We also know for a fact that Fox News settled several sexual harassment lawsuits for Bill O’Reilly over the years, and once that information became public, Fox fired him, too. Fox couldn’t deny the truth, nor did they try. That’s because there are records and documents proving it.

And now Fox News has suspended and may be forced to fire yet another one of their hosts, Eric Bolling, after allegations emerged that he sent female colleagues unsolicited pictures of his genitalia.

Refusing to believe that these three men are sexual predators who did something so disgusting, 700 Club host Pat Robertson defended them and Fox News, delusionally claiming that they were somehow framed.

If you wanted to destroy the Fox News, you really wanted to destroy them, what would you do? Well you would send some salacious material, ostensibly from one of their popular co-hosts or hosts and you’d send it out and then get it publicized and then you have some woman complain that she had gotten this salacious material from this co-host and then she would come to Fox, and Fox is so averse to any kind of legal action that they would immediately take the person off the air, so before long you would have decimated the prime time line up of all the Fox hosts. Easy to do? Absolutely. Is it being done? Probably.”

Robertson literally thinks someone sent pictures of Eric Bolling’s penis to women using Bolling’s own phone and that women are only pretending that he sent it to them himself in an effort to take him down.

Robertson then claimed that Bolling couldn’t possibly be a pervert because he’s a “dedicated Catholic.”

I’ve got news for Robertson. If Catholic priests are capable of raping children, Eric Bolling is capable of sending d*ck pics to female colleagues. And many Catholic priests have been busted for pedophilia.

But Robertson continued to defend Fox News, even going so far as to defend Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, both of whom sexually harassed women at the network.

Then they got rid of O’Reilly who was the top getter of audience, the most popular host they had, of course they got rid of Roger Ailes the architect who put it all together. It’s so easy to do now. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it’s so easy to see what’s being done. I think it’s a terrible shame. Fox had better synch up, gird up their loins, people are going after them. Anybody can send a salacious piece of literature. It came from Sean Hannity, it came from anyone. Totally bogus.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

The lawsuit against Ailes was public knowledge and many women stepped forward to back up Carlson’s allegations. Her case was so strong that Fox had to let Ailes go. And it’s clear that Fox repeatedly settled sexual harassment lawsuits against O’Reilly in an effort to keep his victims quiet. You don’t settle that many lawsuits if your employee is innocent. And the investigation into Bolling’s actions is ongoing but cell phones keep records these days. It’s only too easy to find out if and when the images were sent.

Pat Robertson truly has no soul if he can defend Fox News and the sexual predators who worked there. There’s a special place in hell for people like Robertson and if there really is a God, Robertson will end up there.

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