WATCH: Colbert Has Trump’s North Korea Threat Figured Out, And It’s Not What You Think

Stephen Colbert’s show on Thursday night was one for the ages. In addition to showcasing his imperfect but hilarious impression of Donald Trump, Stephen had plenty to say about the ongoing threat of nuclear conflict between the U.S. and North Korea, and the show opening jumped right into it:

Before we start the show tonight, I’d like to go on the record… I do not want the earth to blow up, okay? That’s where my house is.”

Colbert noted that the most recent friction between America and North Korea was mostly a product of Kim Jong-un’s posturing and missile tests, which the dictator specifically stated were intended to attack the U.S.

But Donald Trump isn’t blameless in the escalating discord, and Stephen broke out his Trump voice to criticize the president’s response:

[O]bviously, a firm response is necessary, but maybe not ‘Fire and fury, the likes of which the world… never seen’…You’re in a hostage negotiation, you don’t start with ‘Go ahead, kill everybody, I’ll kill ’em deader, then who wins? Okay? Body count.’”

Then Colbert riffed on Trump’s address “from the steps of the Jersey White House” during which the president floated the idea that perhaps his rhetoric hadn’t been sufficiently scary, saying “If anything, that statement may not be tough enough.”

“What is tougher than ‘fire and fury,’” asked the late night host. “Lava and rage?”

Colbert doesn’t want to find out. But when Trump said North Korea would be “in trouble like few nations have ever been in trouble in this world,” Stephen had an idea what Trump might have meant.

Watch the clip here:


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