WATCH: Colbert BRILLIANTLY Explains Why Trump Jr. Is The One Who Is DEFINITELY Going To Jail In The Russia Scandal

Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s Late Show, is a frequent critic of the kleptocratic Trump crime family currently occupying the White House. He did not disappoint on Tuesday night’s show, as he insisted upon breaking down just how significant it is that Donald Trump Jr. admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer – potentially a member of the Russian government – in an attempt to collude to get dirt to damage then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Colbert had a whole chalkboard, in which he listed all of the people in Trump’s orbit who had met with the Russians and not immediately disclosed that they had done so, such as Carter Page, Jeff Sessions (now Attorney General), then- campaign manager Paul Manafort, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and, of course, Trump’s namesake son, Donald Trump, Jr.

For more than a year, the Trump team has been insisting that it is ridiculous that they’d ever meet with the Russian to try and fix an election. Then, it turns out, from Trump Jr.’s own tweets, and New York Times story that broke minutes later, that this is exactly what they did.

Of course, the White House is scrambling to explain this all away as a “nothingburger.” Never fear, though, Stephen Colbert has the perfect explanation for it all, and it ends with Donald Trump Jr. going to jail. You see, he is the central character when it comes to evidence of actual collusion, which is what we are looking for, and the emails that we authenticated on Tuesday by Trump Jr. himself are just what we need to prove that the Trumps are Russian agents who must be removed.

Watch Colbert’s amazing video below:

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