WATCH: Bill Maher Brilliantly Reveals GOP Hypocrisy By Having Obama Impersonator Repeat Trump Quotes

If President Obama had said any of the things Donald Trump has said he would have been impeached by now. And Bill Maher proved it.

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Maher’s final “New Rule” at the end of his show on Friday showcased Republican hypocrisy of the highest order as he demonstrated just how much Republicans have abandoned their own party’s principles.

Maher began by showing Paul Ryan giving Trump a standing ovation for calling for nation-building here at home. But Ryan didn’t give President Obama any praise at all when he made the same call.

Then Maher slammed Republicans for their frequent whining about President Obama signing executive orders.

Republican principles’ no longer has any meaning. Since Trump got elected, they’ve pulled utter 180s… when Obama signed executive orders it was ‘proof we were being governed by a lawless tyrant.’ Now Trump does it and he proudly displays them like he’s ‘The Price is Right’ girl.”

And Republicans haven’t bitched once about Trump signing executive orders, something he is on pace to do more than Obama ever did.

Something else Trump is doing more than Obama ever did is play golf, which Maher blasted Republicans for because they cried foul every time Obama hit the golf course.

And then Maher hit them where it really hurts by literally getting Obama impersonator Reggie Brown, who was a guest at a GOP Conference in New Orleans in 2011, to repeat Trump’s own words in order to demonstrate that they would have reacted totally different had Obama said them.

Oh come on, wouldn’t you be furious if Obama had said, ‘the White House is a dump?’ Or whatever ridiculous thing Trump said? Nope. They never admit it. ‘We’d be cool with it. We’re consistent.’”

When Brown proceeded to repeat Trump quotes as President Obama, the fireworks began because it was obvious from the start that Republicans would have thrown a massive temper tantrum over each and every quote.

It all started with Trump’s attack on John McCain for being a prisoner of war, a line delivered so perfectly by Brown that people immediately understood that Republicans would have demanded he drop out of the primary contest.

From there, the quotes covered Trump’s remarks about grabbing women, his remarks about his own IQ and how big his penis is, and his remarks that he consults himself on military strategy.

Each and every time, Maher and Brown demonstrated that conservative heads would explode if Obama had said the things Trump said. In the end, Maher called this hypocrisy the ultimate example of white privilege.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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