WATCH: Australian Foreign Minister HUMILIATES Trump For Talking About French First Lady’s Appearance

With a single simple sentence, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop shamed Donald Trump and turned the tables on him.

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During his trip to Paris, France to take part in Bastille Day celebrations, Trump ogled French First Lady Brigette Macron and made inappropriate comments about her body.

“You are in such good shape,” he told her before telling her husband all about it. “Beautiful,” he added.

Women around the world threw up in their mouths a little and expressed outrage. Even Mrs. Macron was creeped out by Trump’s behavior as she can be seen clutching Melania and stepped a little closer to her as Trump speaks.

World leaders usually do not go around commenting on the looks of each other’s spouses. At least not in public the way Trump did.

It’s totally inappropriate, especially since Trump is known for making disgusting comments on women’s looks and brags about how he grabs women by the genitals if he deems them pretty enough.

Well, Trump’s remarks to Emmanuel Macron’s wife definitely did not impress Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who was asked if she would be flattered or offended if Trump made the remarks about her.

“I’d be taken aback,” Bishop told Australian media. It’s a rather interesting comment to make.”

And then Bishop dropped a hammer on Trump’s ego by turning the tables on him.

“I wonder if she could say the same of him?”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

You just know that Trump is crushed right now and that he is going to have a complete meltdown on Twitter in which he makes crude remarks that will insult Australia and embarrass the United States.

Of course, Trump only has himself to blame. Instead of making inappropriate comments about the way women look, he should act like an adult and give women more respect instead of acting like a horny teenager.

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