Watch As Sleazy Trump Makes Yet Another Awkward Handshake With French President While Kissing His Wife

As he prepared to leave France,  Donald Trump had another awkward handshake moment with President Emmanuel Macron. It was a seemingly endless handshake, completed by yet another even more awkward moment with President Macron’s wife, Brigitte, as Trump kissed her while refusing to let go of the French President’s hand.

Watch the clip, below: 

And here is the footage from a different angle:

The weird, awkward way his eyes were glued on Brigitte recalled his bizarre and constant stalking of Hillary Clinton during their campaign debate, or any any other woman for that matter. Trump thinks he can use a menacing sexual energy as a way to dominate the women (and apparently their husbands) he encounters. This is another example of how twisted and disturbing our president really is.







Featured Image via Getty Images

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