Watch As Cowardly Republican Rep. Physically Flees Down Stairs To Avoid Question About Roy Moore

Roy Moore

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) is caught on camera frantically fleeing down a flight of stairs from a reporter’s simple question about entrenched Republican Alabama U.S. senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

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On Tuesday, ABC News reporter Tom Llamas may have wished he’d worn good running shoes before questioning the nervous GOP rep about his thoughts on the most recent sexual assault allegations surrounding Roy Moore. Still, the reporter managed to pace with the nimble-footed politician as they performed a bizarre chase scene down a flight of stairs on Capitol Hill.  Llamas asks Brooks, “Do you believe Roy Moore over the women?”

As he runs down the stairs, Brooks goes with repeating this: “I believe the Democrats will do great damage to our country.”

Llamas continues to chase down the slithery congressman, pressing him further to comment on the Roy Moore scandal. But Brooks never breaks pace, nor bothers to turn around while robotically repeating a carefully prepared statement as though his operating system were stuck in some kind of pre-program neocon default state.

Asked again by ABC News’ Tom Llamas Brooks repeats, “I believe that the Democrats will do great damage to our country on a myriad of issues.”

While some Republicans continue to duck for cover, others seem to be following the lead of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attacking Moore over the now numerous sexual harassment and assault allegations which have surfaced over the course of the past few days.

Yet these same politicians can’t seem to bring themselves to admit that Moore should step down even after five women have now come forward to accuse the Senate candidate of sexual misconduct.

The Republican reaction or non-reaction to this scandal isn’t surprising, considering that Donald Trump resides in the White House even after 16 women had come forward accusing him of sexual harassment and assault following the release of the now infamous Access Hollywood tape which caught Trump on audio admitting to grabbing women’s genitalia.

Meanwhile, Republicans like Brooks continue to spout their tired mantra of how Democrats will do “great damage” to America if put in power, as though this justifies supporter their candidate’s alleged sexual assault on a 14-year old girl as well as five other women who have also accused the Alabama Judge of similar crimes.

Considering the GOP’s propensity for deflection, it’s almost surprising that Brooks didn’t fire back, “What about Hillary Clinton’s emails or the Uranium deal?”

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