Want To Get Trump Off Twitter? Here’s What You Can Do Now

With all of Donald Trump’s rhetoric On Twitter, it makes one wonder how he’s still allowed to tweet. Twitter is a private company with its own terms of service and he more than seems to violate them on a number of levels. From lying to bullying to most currently threatening nuclear war with North Korea.

This is when actor Kal Penn decided enough is enough and it’s time we report Trump’s tweeting behavior to Twitter to see if they’ll finally do something about it. After all, Twitter isn’t a government funded or run company. They are well within their rights to decide if Trump violates the terms of service and whether or not his account should be suspended.

Penn tweeted out:

Even former President Obama’s photographer agrees:

And if Trump’s personal Twitter account is suspended, it leaves him to only have his @POTUS handle, which is government ran, so he can’t be as dangerous in his rhetoric. Which also explains why he’s still using his private handle.

If Trump is suspended, it isn’t a violation of his free speech. Private companies are allowed to decide if a user is violating their terms of service.

It’s up to us as concerned citizens and Twitter users to report this abusive and dangerous behavior. Hopefully, Twitter listens.

Featured Photo from Twitter

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