Video Resurfaces Of Trump And His Lying Kids, It Turns Out They’re All Too Stupid To Even Comprehend

The year is 2006. Papa Trump, Baby Trump, and Trumpette are all appearing on a radio show with that bastion of integrity and class, Howard Stern (who looks a little like Gargamel, if we’re being honest). It’s definitely not Donald Senior’s first visit to Stern’s den of iniquity, but since the kids are with him this time, the conversation likely won’t turn to Ivanka’s boobs or having sex with 24 year-olds despite being married with a child on the way. Or who knows, maybe it will! Ivanka didn’t seem to mind that her dad gave Howie permission to call her a “piece of ass.”

But for this video, the set-up is that Stern has asked the kids if daddy bought their way into Wharton School of Business. Dad went there, after all, and loves to name-drop the school at every opportunity, though they are reluctant to return the favor.

As the video opens, Don, Jr. is explaining that he knows those people — you know, the people whose parents actually donated to Wharton, and “they didn’t get in.”

He couldn’t buy our way in, even if he wanted to.”

So Howard springs a pop quiz on the young geniuses, a little bit of math:

Okay, I’m gonna ask you a really tough question, Wharton School of Business. What’s seventeen times six?”

He snaps his fingers, so as to spur on their mathematical processes, and the air pressure in the room instantly becomes unbearable:

Junior: Aaahhh… da-da-da-da… 96? 94?

Ivanka: That’s not a practical application, though.

Trump: It’s eleven-twelve.”


Okay, for the record, the guy in the studio who actually gets the right answer uses the same method I do to multiply in my head: ten times six, plus seven times six. And I’ll give you guys a hint — It’s not freaking eleven twelve. Junior doesn’t get it, Ivanka blows it off like multiplication has nothing to do with running a business, and Trump, well… Holy shit, you guys.

You have to watch this:

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