Video Leaks Of Trump Having Mental Issues, Looks For Limo That Was Right In Front Of Him


Critics of President Trump have been questioning his mental capacity for some time now, and with his widespread Twitter antics seemingly becoming worse by the day, that talk has gained traction.

Whether Trump is suffering from a mental disease or not, we can’t say for sure. With that said, a video has just leaked of him that is painting him in an even more embarrassing light.

As soon as Trump got off Air Force One, he had a limo waiting directly in front of him. But, instead of getting into the limo he walked right past it looking confused about what he was doing. A Secret Service agent had to turn him around and point him in the right direction.

Watch here:

While it would be unfair to point to one incident and claim “mental illness,” this seems to be a recurring issue with Trump. Plus, he is the oldest serving president in U.S. history at the age of 70.

People on the inside say “he keeps getting worse, – and mentally, keeps getting worse.” Carl Bernie, a legendary Watergate journalist, told CNN’s Brian Stelter that “We have many reporters, myself included, who have talked to numerous people, Republicans on Capitol Hill, who in private will tell you they doubt the stability of this president.”

If Trump does have dementia or some other issue, he wouldn’t be the first, either. Ronald Reagan was claimed to have Alzheimer’s while still serving his term. His son Ron Reagan even verified it.





So, what do you think? Is just another sign of Trump’s mental decline, or just a simple issue of poor communication? Maybe Trump was told he’d be leaving on Marine One? We don’t know.

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