Venezuelan President’s Son Just Sent A Terrifying Message To White House And It’s All Trump’s Fault

History has proven that Donald Trump is aching to be a war time president. He is also under the delusion that the U.S. military has unlimited resources and is willing to fight wars in two separate countries in two different parts of the world.

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“Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering, and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary,” Trump told reporters at his New Jersey golf club.

Nicolás Maduro Guerra, the son of the Venezuelan President, is threatening to seize the White House with rifles if President Donald Trump sends the US military to his nation according to a report by CNN.

His statement is as follows:

“If the unlikely event of defiling the homeland came to pass, the rifles would arrive, ” he told Venezuelan state media.
“Mr. Trump, we would arrive and take the White House.

Due to Trump’s outrageous attacks, other countries feel threatened and when a threat is unleashed, the only option is to fight fire with fire.

Our so-called president is a serious threat to our nation. Trump’s latest attack to wage war comes after he’s spent the last week hyping up the possibility of a nuclear war with North Korea, each day escalating tensions more than the day before, At this rate, were looking at two possible wars that could be easily avoided. Childish Trump can continue to threaten to invade whichever country he’s mad at on a given day, but he’ll be doing so without the support of the American people.




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