Vanity Fair Releases Bombshell List That Snubs Melania; Conservatives Go Insane

A lot of things will trigger conservatives. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s emails or President Obama, Republicans will spew their nonsensical rhetoric any chance they get.

Here is a prime example:

Every year, Vanity Fair releases their International Best Dressed List, and one would assume that First Lady Melania Trump, who is also known as the First Supermodel would make the cut…yeah, not so much. However, former First Lady Michelle Obama did, for a second year in a row.

Per usual, Trump supporters were outraged by this list as they expressed their anger on social media, claiming that the magazine didn’t include Melania out of spite:

On Facebook, many pointed out Melania’s wardrobe choice when she went to visit Hurricane victims in Texas, as proof that she didn’t deserve the recognition. One person wrote:

“It’s not ONLY about clothes, but rather someone’s entire persona. Melania has been on the job almost a year and has done NOTHING but wear clothes, she’s the least interesting First Lady in history. Sorry, she’s not good enough.”

Although the measure of a First Lady is not by what she wears, Michelle Obama has contributed far more to the country than Melania has thus far. Vanity Fair could have easily considered the character of a person while making a decision. Keep that in mind.



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