US Ambassador Sends A Big F*ck You To Trump In Stunning Statement On London Attack (TWEET)

This should not surprise anyone, but Donald Trump had an absolutely disgusting response to the terrorist attack in London. Trump began by using the incident as an excuse to promote his unconstitutional travel ban, and then he upped the ante by criticizing London’s mayor.

Trump’s response was so disgraceful, it was shot down by nearly everyone. However, the most humiliating response, for Trump, will be the reaction from the acting US Ambassador, who made Trump look like an absolute moron. Going against everything America’s horrendous POTUS had said, US Ambassador to the UK Lew Lukens struck back at Trump by praising the London mayor.

Here’s what Lukens had to say:

Lukens even went as far as to “commend the strong leadership” of the mayor – the complete opposite message that Trump had sent earlier today.

What Lukens showed America was how a true politician should respond to a tragedy – and Trump should certainly be taking notes. Lukens showed solidarity and respect for London, something Trump should have been doing. Unfortunately, Trump spent his morning responding like this instead:

The most amazing thing that Lukens communicated in his message is that even though Trump is President of the United States, there is a large portion of the country that does not recognize him as such. America’s values live on in its people, even if the orange man baby in the White House doesn’t get it.

Statements like Lukens’ are just as depressing as they are inspiring. While they remind us that all hope is not lost, the country has certainly fallen far from the dignified days of former President Barack Obama, who never failed to respond appropriately to a senseless tragedy. Trump doesn’t have one ounce of compassion in his soul, and it clearly shows in his careless response to some of the most heinous attacks on human life.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images

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