Under New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canadians Celebrating Hallo-WEED

In his successful campaign to become Canadian Prime Minister, the Liberal Party’s Justin Trudeau promised to work quickly toward legalization of marijuana for recreational use. “To ensure that we keep (it) out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals, we will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana.”

After he won that October 19 election, some Canucks quickly planned to hold Trudeau to his word, announcing a “Haunted Halloween Marijuana Treasure Hunt” for October 31. Toronto’s High Park (an appropriately-named location) will host the event, which is sponsored by a distributor of currently-legal medical marijuana in the area.

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No, there won’t be any hidden pot; just $50,000 (Canadian dollars) in gift certificates that can be redeemed at JuJu Joints, a distributor of medical marijuana in Toronto. The company’s owner (who only used his first name of Chris) told The Toronto Sun that he intends to do this promotion even though the law has yet to change.

“I’ll let my lawyers sort it out. I’m going on Trudeau’s promise he will legalize it right away.”

The gift certificates, good for about 700 individual joints total, will only be honored to persons 19 years of age or older, he said.

Bob’s JuJu Joints has done similar Halloween promotions for the past two years, but only for Canadians with medical prescriptions for marijuana. “Under the Conservatives, (Canadian Parliament has) never really been supportive of medical marijuana or people’s needs to be able to choose their own medicine.” Since the recent election removed the Conservative Party’s prime minister, however, “anyone over 19 should be permitted to use marijuana recreationally now,” Chris said.

Toronto police said they won’t interfere unless they receive complaints or if actual marijuana is present at the “Treasure Hunt” instead of gift certificates.

Trudeau’s goal of full legalization could bring about much revenue for Canada. Medical marijuana was already predicted to reach $1 billion (Canadian dollars) by 2020, according to Forbes, and could reach $7 billion in that same time period if legalized for recreational use.

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