U.S. Reps Introduce Measure That’s A Grave Threat To Jared Kushner And Trump Regime


The House is working on various ways to yank Jared Kushner’s security clearance because he conveniently forgot to list more than 100 foreign contacts on his SF-86 (read: He lied). While regular federal employees would very likely be fired, and possibly fined or even sent to prison for several years. But since Kushner is part of the banana republic government pretending it belongs in the White House, he has, so far, faced nothing.

There are Republicans and Democrats alike in Congress who have a severe problem with this, and rightly so. Two House Democrats, Don Beyer of Virginia and John Conyers of Michigan, introduced a measure that would give the FBI director the authority to revoke the security clearance of any White House staffer if they deem it to be in the best interests of national security. Beyer said:

Donald Trump’s refusal to hold his senior staff accountable for their deceptions on Russia have sadly made this legislation necessary. Despite all we have learned about his secret meetings with Russians, Jared Kushner apparently continues to hold his clearance.”

Shots fired.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find that Trump himself instructed Kushner and everyone else to keep their mouths shut about any contacts with Russia. Trump and his apologists have gone from, “There were no contacts,” to “There were contacts but no collusion,” to “There may have been collusion,” to “Collusion is not illegal,” which doesn’t play well to lawmakers who care about miniscule things like national security.

Kushner met with both Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and the CEO of a state-run Russian bank while he served on Trump’s transition team, and those contacts didn’t appear on this form. Neither did a meeting he had with a Russian lawyer last summer who claimed to have damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

The only problem here is that, even if this gets bipartisan support, Trump won’t sign it unless he stands to lose more with a veto than he would by signing it, because it’s a direct threat to his whole family. This is what happens when you elect a narcissistic television star who fancies himself to be a business genius who wants to run this country like a family business. We won’t start all this “winning” he keeps talking about until this family is gone.

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