U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Oregon Militants’ Snooping Puts Our Employees In Danger

The militants that took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have been going through government files there, even though they deny doing so. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, however, says they did, and that the breach may have put some of their employees in danger. They’ve asked those employees to relocate away from their homes until the agency can assure their safety.

A reporter for Oregon Public Broadcasting witnessed them working on computers in a building that only those with employee ID badges should be able to get into. They also likely went through other materials in buildings where federal employees worked. OPB and U.S. Fish & Wildlife believe that the militants accessed information that included employees’ home addresses, so those employees were advised to find somewhere else to stay for awhile.

That is disgusting. What’s worse is that the OPB reporter saw LaVoy Finicum pick up lists of names and Social Security numbers and put them away, along with employee ID badges that were in plain sight. When reporters asked Ryan Bundy about the computers, he “emphatically denied that any of the workspaces had been touched since the occupation.”

No, we haven’t touched a single personal item. We haven’t touched any of the computers, we haven’t tried to log on — we haven’t done anything. We’re not here to hurt people, not even the people who work here.

Then why is OPB reporting that they saw one of the militants hiding information that should never have been out in the first place? This is a group of liars and criminals and terrorists; they are not the Constitutional crusaders they fancy themselves to be.

OPB says that Harney County law enforcement officials, and some of their family members, had been followed home, and had received anonymous threats in the days before the occupation. Federal employees from the refuge had dealt with that, too. Officials are worried that this breach places more employees in danger. There’s no concrete evidence that’s the case yet, but U.S. Fish and Wildlife is currently acting out of caution, because some of these militants are crazy enough to try and hurt employees of the refuge.

They’re currently working with the FBI to assess the risk and keep their employees safe.

This is absolutely nauseating. The militants eventually want to turn the office with the computers into some sort of media center, so many of them are still planning on occupying the place for years if that’s what it takes. These idiots need to be arrested for insurrection and removed from the refuge.

Featured image via screen capture

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