Twitter Thinks They Found The Thug In Stormy’s FBI Sketch And It’s Perfect (VIDEO)

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the story of Stormy Daniels, one of the president’s many accusers, having been threatened by an unknown assailant while she was with her very young child, in order to force her into silence about her affair with Donald Trump. Ms. Daniels knows it was an associate of Trump’s and Michael Cohen’s, the latter being the currently-under-fire celebrity attorney who represented Trump in securing the non-disclosure agreement that resulted in a $130,000 payment to Daniels and about a year free of leaks to the press due to screw-ups on Team Trump’s end.

But out of that story came something very important to Stormy’s case: A sketch done by Lois Gibson, the world’s foremost forensic artist, of the “thug” that threatened the adult film actress and her baby.

Today, that sketch was released during an appearance by Stormy and her lawyer Michael Avenatti on ABC’s The View — along with the promise of a $100,000 reward to anyone who could identify the man in the picture:

It didn’t take long before the internet started coming up with ideas as to who the man might be, and they ran the gamut, from the Daily Beast‘s opinion that he kind of looks like Tom Brady, to Donald Trump’s former campaign communications adviser who thinks the thug looks like “Michael Avenatti (Stormy’s own lawyer) with hair,” and plenty of obvious jokes at who it might be:

But maybe the best theory of all was from Twitter quasi-celebrity Vic Berger of Super Deluxe, who has made a career of clever videos on the internet. He certainly didn’t disappoint us today:

That video raises as many questions as it provides answers, but maybe, just maybe, we can crowdsource an answer to the identity of the man that threatened Trump’s accuser, Stormy Daniels.

Featured image via screen capture

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