Twitter Just Slammed Ivanka’s Response To Charlottesville Riot And It’s Brilliant

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter moments ago to say her peace on the Charlottesville riot but her comment was met with lots of friction from tweeters. All with good reason though.

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Ivanka’s tweet read,

Twitter quickly pointed out how her father, Donald Trump, has encouraged racism, white supremacy and neo-nazi like actions in America since taking office. They also pointed out how Ivanks benefits from them as well. Check out some of the great responses below,

And one post summed the moment up perfectly. Reminding Ivanka how her hard her Dad went at Nordstrom for dropping her brand but is slow to move as the nation is crumbling.

Twitter is definitely helping Ivanka understand that this is just not about tweeting the problem away. There needs to be action. There will need to be repercussions for those domestic terrorists. And how can that be done if Trump won’t even call the issue out by name. His silence consents it. Nice try princess, but this time, the ball is in your father’s court. Unfortunately.

Featured image via Getty Images and Twitter


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