Twitter Just Schooled Trump On How Bad His Healthcare Plan Really Is And It’s Perfect

Tuesday, voting for Donald Trump’s health care plan was put on hold by GOP leaders when they realized there weren’t enough votes to get it passed. Immediately after that, Trump held a meeting with the leaders saying It’s ok if the plan fails. Basically giving up the fight.

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Today, Trump is singing a different tune. Our indecisive leader headed to Twitter to now promote his failing Affordable Care Act (ACA). Guess he was feeling salty about how the media highlighted his now nonchalant attitude about ACA. His GOP leaders have now snatched up the baton trying to figure out what to do to get the votes they need. So, Trump needed to save face.  He took to Twitter saying

A victory in what way exactly? And how will he make it ‘right’? Trump can’t even elaborate on that because the truth is his health care plan would only hurt America rather than help us. Since The President doesn’t know exactly what his plan will do, Twitter didn’t have an issue educating him with some facts.

As all these brilliant Tweeters said, Trump doesn’t have a clue what his bill is about and he doesn’t care. He is pushing  it off of pride. Millions of Americans will be without health care all because the rich want more money. Many Americans will die because of Trump. That is disgusting. The president we have is disgusting. Hopefully, ACA fails ultimately and we can focus on keeping and improving the greatness that is Obamacare. The plan that is for the people.

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