Tucker Carlson Warns America Of The Encroaching Gypsy Threat – Just Like Hitler (VIDEO)

Trump supporters have absolutely nothing to do with the Nazis. They don’t share their ideology, they don’t parrot their propaganda, they — oh, who are we kidding? Just like Adolf Hitler’s lackeys, Trump puppet Tucker Carlson wants you to know about the encroaching Gypsy threat.

Now, you may be expecting a “Wakka wakka” right about now, but this actually happened. On Monday, Carlson warned that Gypsies are invading a small Pennsylvania town — and he wants you to know that they have “no regard for the law or public decency,” defecating in public and chopping the heads off chickens “and more.”

For what it looks like when someone chops the head off of chickens in public, one can observe this anti-abortion video put out by GOP lawmaker Mike Moon, who decapitates a live chicken to show you how bad abortion is:

According to Carlson, “there are a lot of news stories going back a long time where groups of Roma settle in a new community and then defecate on playgrounds or sidewalks or on their front steps.”

“That seems to be a hostile act,” Carlson says. “When you do that you’re saying we reject you and your morays.”

Carlson’s source for this — and we ‘shit’ you not — appears to be Nazi propaganda website the “Daily Stormer” and similar publications (as well as, of course, Fox News). Via the Stormer:

This real estate agent getting paid by the government to house these victims of Romanian oppression thinks they’re fine.

Of course they’re fine.

How hard is it for this city to hire someone to clean up the human feces lining their streets?

Is someone taking a dump on the sidewalk really a big deal?

Or just an excuse to hate someone for their skin color?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Whatever the case, people are going to have to get used to it.

There are over 600,000 gypsies in Romania, and each one is oppressed.

Because of human rights and democracy, that means they’re all coming to a town near you.

So tell your city manager to hire a guy to clean the chicken heads and human feces off the streets, and get ready to keep your racist mouth shut.

Yup. We’ve hit that point in the Trump administration. What’s next on Fox? Reports of Jews poisoning the wells and drinking baby blood? When do we get to hear about the inferiority of the Slavs?

This is Trump’s America. How much longer do we have to deal with the bullsh*t?

Watch it below:

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