Trump’s Weekend Schedule Is Released And It’s Pretty Darn Pathetic

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 27:  U.S. President Donald Trump attends an event in the East Room of the White House recognizing the first responders to the June 14 shooting involving Congressman Steve Scalise July 27, 2017 in Washington, DC. Scalise was among four people shot by James Hodgkinson during a congressional baseball team practice.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Being President of the United States is a pretty demanding job, to say the least. There is always so much to do and not enough time in the day to do it. That’s what you’d think, anyway.

Recently, President Trump’s weekend schedule was released and – get this – there was literally nothing on it. The schedule was empty.


But, hey, it’s the weekend, right? Who cares? Well – if this isn’t enough proof that Trump isn’t doing a good job as president, let’s just take a look at his publicly released schedule from just a few days ago. His schedule for Wednesday only showed one meeting. That’s it. It was for an intelligence briefing at 10:30 AM.


Maybe this isn’t Trump’s fault. Maybe, just maybe, whoever is running the scheduling department just isn’t doing their job correctly and forgetting stuff. There’s evidence of that, too.

On Monday, earlier in the week, they misspelled West Virgina wrong.


The more likely answer, though, is that there are simply too many distractions going on in the White House for Trump to be running his administration efficiently. They’re essentially doing damage control right now and probably huddled together with senior aides in some type of strategy war room trying to salvage his presidency – or whatever is left of it.

The other thing – considering this has been the least transparent White House in modern times – it’s highly likely that they just aren’t releasing what Trump is really doing. Why bother to say the president is going to be on the golf course if the public already knows that’s what’s probably going to end up happening?




Meanwhile – on the flip side – here’s the type of daily schedule that was released consistently under President Obama when he was running things. If you ask us, he had a lot to do. Golf simply wasn’t on the table every weekend.

Here’s what his schedule should look like. Take notes, Trump.

9:30AM: President Obama receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

9:50AM: President Obama receives the Economic Daily Briefing

10:30AM: President Obama meets with senior advisers

12:45PM: President Obama attends a roundtable with health care providers

1:05PM: President Obama delivers statement to press on health care reform

1:30PM: President Obama meets with Senate Majority Leader Reid and Latter-Day Saints Church President Monson

2:00PM: President Obama meets with Apollo 11 Crew and NASA Administrator Bolden

3:00PM: President Obama will participate in a credentialing ceremony for foreign ambassadors

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