Trump’s Transgender Ban Massively Unpopular In One Key Group: Military Families

Donald Trump is easily one of the most deluded people America has ever had foisted upon her by celebrity or notoriety. It’s hard to edge out Dennis Miller thinking he’s still funny for Most Deluded Man, but with his nonsense on inauguration crowd sizes, Mexico paying for his ridiculous border wall, and thinking that anyone outside the extreme right actually respects him, Trump has supplanted Miller in the role.

The problem with delusion is that you actually have no idea when you’re suffering from it.

In fact, I imagine Donald Trump actually believes he did contact his top brass in the military before he tweeted his executive order banning service “in any capacity” by transgender people in the armed forces. I’ll bet he remembers in detail the conversation he never had with Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who was actually on vacation at the time.

And I bet there’s about a zero percent chance he believes the new Quinnipiac University poll that says over two-thirds of Americans — including 55% of military families — think he’s a crackpot for banning anyone who wants to serve. According to the poll, only Republican supporters of Donald Trump oppose allowing transgender people to serve. Literally every other demographic supports allowing their service — by race, by age, by marital status, all disagree with Trump.

Couple this new poll with the news on Tuesday that a huge group of former military officials condemned Trump’s ban, and it’s beginning to look like those Republicans who can’t handle transgenders having guns are in a tiny minority.

Not that Trump would ever admit as much.

The poll included other notable results:

  • Nearly 90% think discrimination based on sexual orientation should be illegal
  • 80% hate the way Republicans have handled healthcare
  • More than half want Democrats to win back control of both chambers of Congress

Let Trump keep deluding himself. It will make it all that much sweeter when he’s blindsided by voter disapproval and it actually counts.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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