Trump’s Touchy-Feely ‘All Americans’ Tweet Replaced By More Hate In New Campaign Ad

After the violent attack by a Republican “alt-Right” Trump supporter yesterday that resulted in the death of a young woman and injuries to dozens more, the president begrudgingly tweeted a message in response:

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What a wonderful thought! What a refreshing break from his normal xenophobic, anti-Muslim, hateful rhetoric. It sure made me feel good, you know? That is, of course, until I saw Trump’s new campaign commercial today, in which he calls Democrats and the media his “enemies” for “standing in his way.”

Maybe I’m just rough on math after so many years after college, but I feel like losing an election by 3 million votes should indicate to you that when you other-ize people who didn’t vote for you, you’re talking about more than half of the voters in this country. Maybe I’m just missing the nuance of Trump’s statement yesterday, but it seems like “…or political party” should include more political parties than just Republicans.

And here’s the thing: Obviously Trump didn’t have the commercial made in the 24 hours since a Republican Nazi murdered a young girl in Charlottesville with his car. That’s what makes this so disgusting. A normal president, no matter how dedicated to their ideology, would realize how tone-deaf it is to go ahead with a commercial like this after the events of the weekend.

But there is nothing normal about Donald J. Trump, and we must never accept or normalize his behavior.

Aside from the pointed attack on his “enemies,” the ad is full of garbage. Trump claims credit for jobs, stocks, and military preparedness that have nothing to do with any of his own policies — none of which are in effect yet.

Once again, Trump’s lies and divisiveness fracture an America still reeling from the terrorist attack yesterday by one of his supporters.

Watch the campaign ad here:

Featured image via Chris Kleponis/Getty Images

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