Trump’s Stupidity Just Cost Him, Brings Major Lawsuit Onto Himself – On National Television (VIDEO)

Everything that Donald Trump touches pretty much either turns into sh*t or turns into a lawsuit, and it seems that these days the president just can’t help himself.

Earlier today, Donald Trump held a joint presser with the Prime Minister of Japan, and it turned into a nightmare for his legal team, which is already buckling under the stress of the president’s many other scandals. In an unhinged monologue, Trump pretty much begged for a major lawsuit by calling his Mar-a-Lago golf club the “Southern White House.” Trump said:

Many of the world’s great leaders request to come to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, they like it, I like it, we’re comfortable. We have great relationships, remember we were here and president XI of China here, and it was originally built as the southern white house. It was called the southern white house. We have given to the United States and then Jimmy Carter decided it was too expensive for the United States so the fortunately for me gave it back and I bought it, so it was it was a circuitous route. So now it is indeed the southern white house. And many people want to be here, many of the leaders want to be here, they request specifically.”

You can watch the video below:

The Mar-a-Lago resort is a private, for-profit establishment – and one that’s already gotten Trump in trouble. The president has previously been sued for refusing to release visitor logs for Mar-a-Lago, despite the fact that he holds ‘working’ meetings there quite often.

This moment was yet another in the long list of things Trump has done to profit off of his presidency and promote his businesses, which he once promised he would distance himself from. In his statement about the “southern white house”, Trump admits that he believes Mar-a-Lago to be a part of the White House, yet he has no intention of being transparent in his role as POTUS.

Ethics watchdogs have already been alerted to Trump’s corrupt ways, but having Trump admitting this on national television is a sure treat.

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