Trump’s Re-Election Campaign Started Paying Jr.’s Lawyer Just Before Treason Story Broke

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. not being arrested for treason is something upon which his father’s re-election campaign hinges. According to Federal Election Commission records, not only is the campaign paying for Don Jr.’s criminal defense lawyer, but the timing of when the payments began has exposed his father as a liar once again.

Trump says he found out his son had met with a “Russian government attorney” to receive compromising material about Hillary Clinton “as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” pretty much when you and I did. But that story is obviously bullsh*t, as the campaign began paying his attorney, Italian mob lawyer Alan Futerfas, for “legal consulting” on June 27 — about two weeks before the news came out.

So far, more than 15% of the $4.3 million spent by the re-election campaign has gone toward legal representation — including $90,000 to the Trump corporation itself for legal consulting.

Team Trump has lied multiple times about the nature of the meeting, what was discussed, and even how many people were there. Now we know that at least eight individuals were present including Jr., former campaign manager Paul Manafort, Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner, the person who set up the meeting, the lawyer who promised damaging information about Clinton, a translator, and even a former KGB counterintelligence operative. The identity of the eighth person is yet unknown.

The meeting took place at 4 p.m. on June 9 of last year one floor below Trump’s office in Trump Tower. Shortly after it ended, The Donald tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s emails for the first time ever.

Ever since it came to light that multiple members of the administration committed treason, The Donald and his team have been scrambling to do anything and everything to distract from the fact that they are completely and totally f*cked.

At this point, we are forced to wonder if Republicans will ever do their jobs and get this monster out of office or if they are satisfied to allow our nation to be destroyed as they put party over country.

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