Trump’s People Want Revenge On London’s Mayor, Try To Arrest Him

Londoners were treated to quite a “hullaballoo,” as the Brits might say, when London Mayor Sadiq Khan made an appearance for a speech at the Fabian Society on Saturday. The scheduled speech on gender equality was pushed back for a few long moments as the “Bobbies” herded a large group of far-right protesters from the hall.

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The White Pendragons, believed to be a white supremacist group much like Britain First, the group that Donald Trump retweeted anti-Muslim videos from prior to their leader’s arrest, were there protesting the mayor after he “disrespected” Trump by making it known he was not welcome in the city.

The group attempted to effect a citizen’s arrest of Khan after accusing him of “subverting the English constitution.”

After the protesters were dispersed, the mayor addressed their appearance, which stemmed from his remarks on Donald Trump’s planned visit to London. Trump tweeted on Thursday that he had canceled his own trip to the city on his own terms:

The trip was canceled, of course, for the reason that Mayor Khan noted: Trump feared the widespread protests that were certain to accompany any visit he made to London.

Khan couldn’t help but make one more little poke at Trump with his comments after the protesters were cleared from the hall:

It is a pleasure to be here even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses.”

Thankfully, the protesters were as inept as Trump’s supporters here at home, and couldn’t do any serious damage.

Featured image via John Phillips/Stringer/Getty Images

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