Trump’s Own Official White House Schedule Proves He Is Not ‘Working Hard’ During Vacation

Donald Trump’s own schedule just busted him for lying about his vacation.

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Upon the announcement that Trump would be going on a 17-day vacation, the media and Americans across the country criticized him for breaking his campaign promise to not go on vacation or play golf.

Indeed, Trump repeatedly whined about President Obama taking vacation days and going golfing.

It was even pointed out that Trump’s vacation is twice as long as President Obama’s first big vacation during his first year in office.

In response, Trump lashed out and claimed that he isn’t on vacation because he says he’ll be “working.”

On Monday morning, Trump once again claimed to be “working hard” during his vacation.

It turns out that he was lying. Surprise!

As it turns out, Trump’s own official White House schedule proves that he’s not really working at all, according to Newsweek.

For instance, his Monday schedule alone shows that he has no public events planned and is just taking a 9am phone call.

I have worked harder writing this story than Trump has worked as president today.

Social media users have also been quick to post photos and videos of Trump golfing instead of working.

In addition, posting long Twitter rants also does not count as “work,” but that’s what Trump did on Monday morning prior to his phone call with the media.

Donald Trump is pathetic. Instead of taking a vacation and golfing he should do what he promised and stay in the White House and work. But Trump has no real interest in working at all. He has never worked hard a single day in his entire life. And he’s not going to start now.

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